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Reproducible research

Victoria Stodden, Friedrich Leisch, and Rodger D. Peng (Editors)
Implementing Reproducible Research.
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014.

Anthony Scopatz and Kathryn D. Huff
Effective Computation in Physics.
Sebastopol: O’Reilly, 2015.


Eric Evans
Domain-Driven Design.
Boston: Addison Wesley, 2004.

Robert C. Martin
Clean Code. A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship.
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2008.


Chalmers, Alan F.: What is this thing called Science?
Open University Press, Berkshire, UK, 1999


Pierre Tremouilhac, An Nguyen, Yu-Chieh Huang, Serhii Kotov, Dominic Sebastian Lütjohann, Florian Hübsch, Nicole Jung, Stefan Bräse
Chemotion ELN: an Open Source electronic lab notebook for chemists in academia
Journal of Cheminformatics 9(2017):54, DOI


  • Greg Wilson
  • Series in PLoS Computational Biology

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