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-{{fa>check-square-o?48&align=right}} ====== Tests ======+{{fa>check-square-o?48&align=right}} 
 + ====== Tests ======
 //Well-defined and automatically testable specifications// //Well-defined and automatically testable specifications//
 +<WRAP group>
 +<WRAP column 32px>{{fa>key?32}}</WRAP>
 +<WRAP column 85%>
 +  * Testing scientific software is highly important,\\ as it has direct impact on scientific insight.
 +  * Most scientific software is not thoroughly tested\\ or even not tested at all.
 +  * Tests can only prove the existence of bugs, not their absence.
 +  * Testing should be done as early as possible, as often as possible,\\ and as automatic as possible.
 +  * Test automatisation has dramatic impact on the design\\ of the code to be tested (e.g., modularity).
 +  * Test-driven development turns the usual sequence upside down\\ and results in high test coverage.
 +  * High test coverage by automatic tests increases the trust in software.
 +  * Test-driven development leads to tests\\ that document the code and its specifications.
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 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 +<WRAP half column leftalign><WRAP button>[[..:metadata:|← Metadata]]</WRAP></WRAP>
 +<WRAP half column rightalign><WRAP button>[[..:|Concepts →]]</WRAP></WRAP>
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